G3D-RP100 Printer



G3D-RP100 Printer

The G3D-RP100 is specifically designed for small to medium production levels in jewellery factories and dental laboratories. It is also an ideal form factor for high precision master modelling and low volume prototyping. The complete package includes the UV Curing unit, Ultrasonic cleaner and Toolset ready to get to work straight out of the box.






24/7 Production

Designed to operate consistently in 24/7 production cycles with less than 5 minutes turnaround between batches, this machine may be considered small but it is extremely powerful and reliable.

open rp 100
close up of jewellery


Working in unison

Combine this machine with G3D Resin material and G3D Synergy investment powders for the best direct casting results your eyes have ever seen.

The Tech Spec

  • Direct Casting with Superior Surface Finish
  • Industry Leading Accuracy, 17 micron Resolution
  • Unparalleled Results with High Detail Filigree
  • Minimal Build Supports gives Seamless Clean Off
  • Easily Produce Micro Pave, Invisible Settings and Hollow Filigree
  • Produce 30 rings in under 3 hours


close up of coned shaped jewellery

  RP100 RP250
Build Area 100 x 56mm 140 x 125mm
Z Height 100mm 200mm
XY Resolution 17um 20um
Z Resolution 10 - 100um 10 - 100um
Layer Speed 8mm per hour (30um) 8mm per hour (30um)
Light Source LED LED
Dimensions 620*570*920mm 1242*760*1450mm


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