Deltaface software not only allows you to optimize your 3d models, but also enables you to create customized impression trays and clear aligners.

Main Features

  • Import / Export of standard formats : STL
  • Mesh Cleaning, Hole filling, Mesh repair, Undo/Redo
  • Divide cut mesh by Plane, selection and Empty inside
  • Engraved ID tags in the appliance
  • Customised impression trays
  • Simulate tooth movement (select, remove and move a tooth)
  • Create clear aligners


Specific for the dental field,Deltaface allows you to save time and money.

Deltaface is the ultimate in speed and easy to use, it takes only a few mouse-clicks to optimize your 3D models.

Deltaface is a well-designed and multilingual software. The interface language can be changed quickly and easily, giving you the freedom to change to any language in the world.

Coruo offers free software support to all customers, they have a dedicated full time training and support team ready to assist you.

Coruo provides a perpetual license with no additional fee and a regular release of updates.




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