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Investment Powder


Investment Powder

A Premium Investment Powder for Resin/CAD casting, which has been tested and approved worldwide. Synergy was developed by G3D in the United Kingdom – tried and tested by jewellery manufacturers worldwide. It is designed Primarily for investing, burnout and DIRECT CASTING of G3D resin patterns.



Tried and tested

Following extensive R&D testing in our specialist laboratories in UK and other climates, Synergy is proven to satisfy the most discerning of customers and is trusted by many major casting facilities around the globe.


From CAD to CAST

Synergy is an investment powder for G3D CAD/CAM resin direct casting, offering the following benefits:

  • Highest Quality raw materials sourced and graded for Resin / CAD direct casting
  • Formulated with a greater green strength enabling it to withstand the high Resin/CAD expansion
  • Chemically designed to specifically match G3D Resin with perfect Burn-Out
  • Clean cut surface finish, sharp edges, without inclusions
  • Easy removal after casting
  • G3D Synergy has a very high cristobalite and is thereforce able to withstand a top including high percentage Palladium White Gold
  • Burnout temperature of 850°C (1562°F). This will ensure that it can withstand the additional expansion stresses upon the mould and also remove the carbons which can, in some cases, remain within the mould and affect the quality of the casting
  • Synergy can also be used to produce injection wax castings and will easily cast all gold alloys

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