Why G3D


Our History

G3D was conceived by GRS (Goodwin Refractory Services Ltd) in 2015 as the chosen brand name to further develop the already growing line of additive manufacturing machinery business offered by GRS to its customers in the Jewellery, Dental, Aerospace and Automotive Investment Casting Industries. Goodwin Refectory Services Ltd (GRS) and its sister companies are the global market leader in the manufacture and supply of Industrial & Jewellery Casting Plasters.

GRS and G3D are part of a much larger family (Goodwin PLC) with a tremendous 130 year history of precision engineering, moulding and casting metal since 1883. The Goodwin Group has continued to thrive over recent decades through engineering with passion and pride, ensuring our customers always receive the world’s best result.


About Us

With this backdrop of world class manufacturing and unbeatable R&D, headquartered in Staffordshire, UK, G3D has successfully launched a range of Rapid Prototyping machines and materials which offer Significant and Unique advantages to any Investment Casting Factory or to any Industrial Prototyping or Tooling application.

There are many “3D Printers” in the world today, none of them started life with 50 years’ experience of manufacturing Casting Plasters and 130 years’ experience of world class engineering. No one else can offer the perfect match of machine, resin and casting powder = World Class Casting Results.


Why Trust G3D?

G3D is a key brand of GRS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Goodwin PLC a premium listed company on the London stock exchange with a history in moulding and casting metal dating back to 1883.


Want to Cast Metal Alloys from Rapid Prototyping Resin?

  • G3D know how to make Investment Powder for Lost Wax Casting, we have been doing it for more than 50 years in Jewellery and Industrial applications. You may recognise brands such as GoldStar, SRS, Whipmix, Hydracast. These are all sister brands of G3D, all under the same roof of GRS.
  • G3D Cast more than 20 flasks per day (Silver and Brass Alloys) in each of our 8 facilities around the globe. We understand the challenges of investment casting from resin, in various environments and climates.
  • G3D have created the machines, the resin and the casting powder to perfectly match each other. Can you imagine a machine and resin capable of providing 10um of accuracy, and that same resin model being cast with zero ash to give you the world’s best metal casting?
  • G3D are proud that our machines produce superb resin models, but actually, we are all about The Casting.

Better precision and accuracy?

  • G3D machines provide 10um of accuracy on Laser Machines and 17um of accuracy on DLP machines.
  • So that’s Industry leading accuracy, combined also with Industry leading build speed (8mm per hour at 30um layer size).
  • If we put ourselves in your shoes, why trust anyone else?

What about Service and Support?

  • You benefit from passionate support delivered by own staff based in our own world class facilities worldwide: UK, India, China, Thailand and Brazil
  • Our extensive dealer network covers 15 further global locations, each with their own G3D highly trained technicians. Trained for weeks on end at our UK headquarters, all of our dealer technicians are Ninjas at both servicing machines and also at casting resin to metal.
  • Where ever you are in the world, you are in safe hands with G3D.
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